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I am a 30-something working mother, artist and performer. I have been a professional puppeteer, a massage therapist, real estate asst, a high school French teacher...I'm always a dreamer, a maker, a do-er, a finisher of projects. I love Terry Pratchett, Jim Henson, the Muppets, David Bowie, Cary Grant, Carl Haiasan, 80s horror films, the 1st and 4th Pirates of the Carribean films, anything Hallowe'en-y, cats and Mello Yello.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

All eyes on Kerry, visual artist

My next guest is a fellow Renaissance Festival performer, 22 year old Kerry Forgione.
Stormy Brimstone and dragon

Ron Tencati, another amazing creative spirit, does a lot of the Ren Fair photography.
 At festival she  portrays Stormy Brimstone, the dragon keeper.  I have always loved the levels of detail she includes in her character.  Stormy wears little flight goggles on her head and carries a baby dragon (puppet) on her shoulder, sporting matching goggles.   Stormy’s overdress has scorch marks on it (they can’t help it, really) and she has smudges of soot on her face.  The character is mostly mute, she occasionally whispers but mostly signs; Stormy had a bad fire-breathing accident whilst trying to teach young dragons to spark up. 

Kerry has this year introduced a second character, an Italian plague doctor, complete w/ long-schnozzed mask and a fierce-looking syringe.   She has been part of my troupe on street for two years now and I can attest that she is sweet, fun and very creative. 

Kerry kindly donated a flower to my bouquet for my wedding.  I asked all my creative friends to make one for me that somehow represents themselves.  Kerry’s flower is one of my favorites.  It is a purple flower with an eyeball dead in the center, surrounded by eyelashes.  I instantly fell in love.  I wanted more!  She sent me her Etsy shop address, http://www.etsy.com/shop/MischiefInTheMaking,  where she had 6 more ocular floral pieces that can be worn as broaches, hair clips or whatever.  Now she has a few more.  So, I sent her my usual questions…
One of Kerry's flowers
Best sleep mask ever!!

1.     When did you first discover or notice your creative spark? I noticed my passion for creativity at a very early age (somewhere in grade school). I remember always drawing and doodling with my older brother and thinking "I want to be just as good as he is!"

2. What forms of creativity have you explored? What sort of things have you made, dabble in, etc--- Oh man, if I started a list of all the things I've ever made creatively... well, we'd be here until the moon's next rise. However, I'd be happy share some of my favorite mediums:
The classic pencil wins over my heart one-hundred percent! I adore drawing and writing in many different styles and genres. I've been doing it most of my life, so naturally it's a huge part of me. To be able to allow someone to see the quirky worlds within my mind on what once was a blank page is something I simply love.
Clay works is another favorite medium of mine. I'm not saying I'm an expert on this particular medium, but my hands sure love keeping busy in the squishy-squashy concoction! What could be better than holding a physical embodiment of a random creature that was dreamt up the night before?
Leather craft is also quite fun to work in. I've always been a fan of unique masquerade masks which has lead me to learn more about it. It is quite versatile and there is plenty to learn as you go along.

My hand has also been in knitting, crocheting, painting, cement sculpting, nature-made material sculpt, acting/theater, cake decorating, etc. for all the wondering minds out there.

3. What inspired you? What are your inspiration sources when you feel 'dry?'--- The inspiration for my work has been coming from not only family and friends, but life all around me. I know that sounds like such an 'artsy-fartsy' answer but it's so true. Every experience that I witness or feel has a chance of sparking an emotion or idea that I want others to know or see. I want to create a replica of that same feeling in a form that others can appreciate.
Inspiration can even come from boredom. When I'm bored, I'll go play with some clay or start sketching random doodles. Before I know it, something forms and wah-la! Art has been born! Haha, honestly I don't take my little sketchbook doodles that seriously.

If nothing is sparking on its own, I'll usually go look up the artwork and talents of others. People are always inspiring each other with their personal styles or artistic methods.
Especially when it comes to photography. I have really come to appreciate a good photograph of a cryptic, yet serene scene. Some of my favorites are of old graveyards and crumbling asylums with a setting sun or gentle moonbeam for "mood lighting". I know, I know it sounds totally weird, but I'm telling you with the right photographer you can be looking at a truly enchanting setting. Just imagine all the stories these places could tell; all the emotions they've seen. Take what they can share and make it known to the world they're hidden from.

4. How do you fit crafting in with real life? Or is that a problem? --- I will always make time for crafting in my life. I don't think I know how not-to-craft. It is simply part of who I am.

5. Is there a market for your creations or is it just for fun? Or both? How do you write your Etsy descriptions?--- http://www.etsy.com/shop/MischiefInTheMaking.  Actually yes, there is a market for some of my creations. ...It's just a rather small market. I say this because I tend to have a unique flair in my work. I generally like to put a bizarre or silly twist in what I make. That's not to say everything I create is weird and wacky, just a grand portion of it.

When I write up my Etsy descriptions I want the potential buyer to know the personality of the product. I want the description to be an enjoyable, yet accurate read.

Let's face it though: creating was all for fun (and still is) waaaaay before the idea of selling ever came into the picture.

6. What is your dream creation? What is your dream for the future?--- I don't think I necessarily have a dream creation currently in mind, but I certainly have a dream for the future! My dream is to be able to turn my passion into a full-time business. I've grown to realize that this is where my heart lies and what I am most happy doing.

7. What sorts of things do you do for fun?
--- You mean besides all of the above? Hmm... I really love watching horror flicks with my movie buddy, Mom. It's best when the movie becomes so lame and cheesy that we laugh the entire way through it.
Mint choco-chip ice cream, dark chocolate, pizza and a comical horror with no intention of being so= epic girl's night in!

I also love to ice skate, write poetry, act and do minor costume, character and cake designs at random. And of course hang out with family and friends, but that's a given. :)

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