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I am a 30-something working mother, artist and performer. I have been a professional puppeteer, a massage therapist, real estate asst, a high school French teacher...I'm always a dreamer, a maker, a do-er, a finisher of projects. I love Terry Pratchett, Jim Henson, the Muppets, David Bowie, Cary Grant, Carl Haiasan, 80s horror films, the 1st and 4th Pirates of the Carribean films, anything Hallowe'en-y, cats and Mello Yello.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It may appear that I have dropped out of existence and vanished from all humanity.  Rest assured, such is not the case.  I did get very busy with normal life events and one week turned into a few and then months and, in that way that time  has of progressing, to my horror I found that I haven't posted since some time last year!  And I'm vaguely annoyed that I am having issues with some of my postings - Copying and Pasting do not seem to be preferable to the creators of Blogspot...It changes colors on me and when I look at my finished piece it's all difficult to read.  Grumble-snort!
One happy thing has been my own entree into the vending world.  Look at me and my bad self, in possession of a business license and vending dates.  Go Iza!!!  And I have done some pretty good bouts of vending.  I was invited to join Festival of Legends ...but I wasn't anywhere near ready for vending + travelling out of state + trying to figure out taxes for it and so on.  I...chickened out.  On the other hand, I applied and was accepted into CraftyFeast and did very, very well.  And it was fun.  I have had several vending opportunities in the garden side of Riverbanks Zoo.  I have been pretty fortunate so far.
Alas, the vending, and the prerequisite crafting, along with real life (kids, husband, house, job, family, cats...aliens) has caused me to completely neglect my pretty little blog.
It may be redundant, but I am also attempting (valiantly) to create a website.  I even took a class to learn about this process.  Google Sites, Joomla...so far I'm thinking the blog may be the less infuriating choice.  I am not a natural programmer.  Le sigh.
Oh, in other news, should you be interested and kind enough to still be giving me any attention, seeing as how I shamelessly left you alone and neglected you for the past...7 months now?  Anyway, Christoff, my sweet husband who cannot swallow after his radiation treatments for throat cancer (5 years ago now), has a new toy. He found a group on Facebook for people who tube-feed...who evidently call themselves Tubies.  He's a tubie...I'm a not-tubie (a little Shakespearean humor - I'm so glad you can't throw things at me).  Anyway, he found a recommendation for a book on tube feeding and ordered it.  Yay!  Recipes and tips and tricks and ideas from an author w/ a lovely sense of humor.  Christoff found sites and suggestions for a super industrial blender.  He found one online and put in a bid.  We now have...a Vitamix!  This thing is unbelievable, despite its rather 1950s sounding name...
Firstly, it is steel rather than glass or pyrex.  The lovely little video that accompanies it shows some guy doing fair-type demos making ice cream in seconds and turning blocks of wood into sawdust.  The vitamix comes w/ a wood tamper that has a cross bar so it won't drop into the blades while it's running.  I commented that I'm a touch wary of any appliance that comes with it's own crucifix.  We have been trying to find a suitable name for it - we name things in my family.  Imagine that somehow a normal household blender was genetically mixed with a Rancor..
 We have now been able to feed him more real food, by putting it in the vitamix and letting it reduce the food into molecular-sized bits that will go down the tiny passage of his tube.  Even celery, with those stringy fibers, was totally reduced to a liquid.  Success!   And unlike the blender or food processor, it cleans really quickly and easily!  We girls in the house have had fun trying it for smoothies, ice cream, fruit purees for oatmeal...we picked strawberries the other weekend and I think most of them have ended up in the Vitamix...and then yummily consumed by us.  It is all good...